We plant trees where they are needed. For resilient cities and a healthy landscape.

About initiative

In “Planting the Future” initiative, the Ekopolis Foundation has combined efforts to protect the environment, long-term support for community projects and the growing interest of people in how we can realistically help our country.

“Planting the Future” involves people in the planning, planting and subsequent care of trees, which are a symbol of togetherness among people and nature.

Our goal is to return the trees to the settlements and the open country, wherever they are needed. In particular, to localities where functional green infrastructure is missing or disrupted. An important part of the approach of our initiative “Planting the Future” is the support of local communities – active municipalities, schools, civic associations. The initiative includes educational, informational and demonstrational activities to raise awareness of the importance of trees in the country.

In Ekopolis Foundation, we are aware that planting trees and better greenery is not a universal nor the only way towards sustainable future. However, we consider tree planting to be a concrete and useful way of making the landscape more beautiful, more varied and, above all, more resilient to the impacts of climate change. Each tree affects the microclimate, absorbs carbon from the atmosphere and retains water. Each tree creates living conditions for other plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms. Every tree is part of an ecosystem important to our lives, too.

The owner
of the brand is the
Ekopolis Foundation

The “Planting the Future” brand is apolitical and must not be used to represent political parties. Entities involved in the “Planting the Future” initiative agree to spread and preserve the brand’s reputation and commit themselves not to devote more resources and efforts to presenting a green approach than to actually fulfilling the very essence of the initiative.

of the initiative

Why the initiative
was created
and what is its purpose

We plant trees
where they are needed

We want to connect all who want to plant suitable trees in Slovakia wherever it makes sense. It is one of the ways to make the landscape more beautiful, more varied and, above all, more resilient to the impacts of climate change. Municipalities, organisations and institutions, companies, schools or landowners, volunteers and donors – we can all help the landscape around us.

We finance
tree plantings

By obtaining funding in one place from public, foundation and private sources, we can easily, transparently and effectively support tree planting where it is most needed.

We ensure the quality of plantings
and their sustainability

The work does not end with planting trees, on the contrary. In order for newly-planted trees to survive, we must take care of their regular watering and thorough professional care. It is all the more important to choose the appropriate species composition and place for planting at the beginning of the planning and to prepare responsibly for the subsequent care of the planted trees.

We facilitate

Information, methodologies, practical advice, but also legislative conditions – all in one place. At the same time, we create a space for those who seek help or resources to meet those who offer them. Together, they can participate in the planning, planting and subsequent care of trees.

We help
remove barriers

Trees in the streets, along roadsides and in fields are often innocent victims of conflicting laws and regulations. Therefore, with this initiative and positive examples we want to contribute to the removal of barriers that prevent the planting of new trees or the preservation of existing ones.

Who is behind the initiative
“Planting the Future”


Ekopolis Foundation has long supported projects and activities of non-governmental non-profit organisations throughout Slovakia. It implements grant programs focused on active citizenship and environmental sustainability. It supports and connects people and organisations active in the topics of sustainable development, protection of natural and cultural heritage and in building civil society. During its existence since 1991, it has supported more than three thousand projects of non-governmental organisations, local governments and civic initiatives. It also implements its own projects on a national and international level. Together with sister foundations in Bulgaria, Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Romania, Ekopolis is a member of the international consortium Environmental Partnership Association.

“Planting the Future” is the result of close cooperation with our sister organisation
Partnerství Foundation  from Brno.

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